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"Use life as a daggar; jump in the fire, burn forever" Suicide Dreams The Hope Conspiracy

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What the Fuck??

What the fuck?  Everyone is asking 'what the fuck?' is going on with File 13.  Well.  No one knows what happened to File 13.  There is a fantastic issue #15 ready and in the can, but there has been no release for multiple reasons.  We need your help in getting this issue printed.  Sell your son, daughter or next born and give us your damn money.  This shit is expensive, yo.  When my rich Aunt Gretel dies and happens to leave me in her will, I will again poise myself to take the world over again with the power of File 13.  Until then, I will be Mr.-Over-The-Hill-Family-Man Pat and worry about life's more pertinent things.


Thanks for your support and patience,

Patrick Warner


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Video of the Week:

To your right and above is my homage to what I still believe is my crowning achievement in File 13.  Covering the Sounds of the Underground Tour for the special issue #13 was probably my favorite memory of doing this mag.



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